Used is A Better Way

A Better Way Wholesale is the highest rated car dealership in the state of Connecticut. They achieved this status by selling between 4,000 and 5,000 vehicles on a yearly basis out of their dealership in Naugatuck. Better Way Autos offers high-quality pre-owned vehicles, exemplary customer service and a giving spirit to the people of Connecticut making them well-respected in their community.

New vehicles do not grace a Better Way Auto’s lot. That is because A Better Way Auto’s commitment to helping their customers starts with helping them find the best vehicle at the most affordable price. Buying used is more financially wise than purchasing a new car. A Better Way wants to share with their customers why buying pre-owned is superior to buying new:

Pre-owned cars hold their value better:

New vehicles lose an unbelievable amount of their overall value within the first three years of ownership. During this time, vehicles will lose around 40 percent of their value. After the first three years, the depreciation begins to slow down. If customers choose to purchase a pre-owned car, the previous owner has absorbed the biggest portion of the vehicle’s depreciation cycle.

Pre-owned cars are cheaper to purchase:

New cars cost substantially more than their pre-owned counterparts. However, A Better Way Auto ensures that every pre-owned vehicle on their lot has been thoroughly tested and examined for any potential issues before it leaves their lot . There is less risk to the customer when buying with precautions such as these. However, the benefit for the customer is very apparent in the price of the vehicle.

Pre-owned vehicles have a cheaper cost of ownership:

A pre-owned car has lower taxes, license and registration fees, lower financing costs and lower insurance premiums. In addition, the continued cost of ownership is also cheaper on a pre-owned versus new vehicle.

Pre-owned cars are more prevalent thus offering more choices:

A car dealership that sells new vehicles will typically only have one make of vehicle available. However, A Better Way Wholesale offers its customers a wide variety of vehicles including many makes and models. A customer can browse through the enormous selection at A Better Way Autos and feel confident they will find a vehicle that is right for them.

Pre-owned vehicles have a wide range of price options:

Finding a new car for under $10,000 is almost impossible, but acquiring a pre-owned one is very doable. This is another reason that buying used is better. Thanks to their pre-owned inventory, A Better Way Auto has vehicles available to help those who can not afford this large expense.

Purchasing a new vehicle is tempting. After all, it is nice being the first person to drive a particular car. However, the new car smell fades, but its large investment cost does not. Thankfully, customers can buy used pre-owned vehicles at A Better Way Autos for much less investment. Moreover, some pre-owned cars are still new enough to have retained their new car smell. For all the reasons listed above, buying pre-owned instead of new truly is the better way.